Starship Magellan – Concept Design process

Well, in my last post I showed you some of the concepts I developed for the “Magellan”; my personal favorite was the ‘silver bullet’ design, and I did a few further drawings of it. Something about it reminds me of the silvery, but with a definite modern twist.


The original thumbnail sketch:


While preserving the shape of the main fuselage, the aft end of the ship needed reworking. Though the detailing on this version turned out too noisy and “gundam-y”, I like the overall form:


And a cutaway … since the ship has no futuristic artificial gravity, the effect is maintained through constant acceleration/deceleration during flight. So, over the course of an ideal itinerary, the Magellan would maintain a constant acceleration of 9.81 m/s^2 for half the journey, flip around, and decelerate at the same rate for the latter half of the journey. On reaching its destination, it then lands in a vertical orientation, like the classic sci-fi rocketship.


(tilt heads to the side for best effect):


Some brainstorming for the operation of the landing pads:


How do the engines and landing pads work together?


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