RAVEN Concept Design 4 – Mysteryship finalists!

In my last post, I explained the beginning of the design process for the Mysteryship. After brainstorming the designs I came up with these four contenders:

Original – This design (based on the thumbnail sketches you can see in the top-right of the image) influenced everything that came after it, and remains the most fully-fleshed, operative and detailed version of the mysteryship so far. As you can see, the outboard pylons double as landing gear/grappling arms when boarding another ship:



Sleek – Similar to the above design, this one adds more curves to the core hull, and offers some options for the ‘wings’ and other outboard structures:


The Jacknife – this one grew out of a grainy, millimeters-wide sketch of the mysteryship which appeared in the corner of a single storyboard frame … and somehow caught on!


The Claw – keeping the same basic core hull as the rest, but this one trades a sleek, sharp look for something more industrial and ‘grabby’. Though it looks slower, I think “the Claw” would look much more imposing on film than the more ‘sleek and sexy’ direction.


And here is a rough 3d flyaround of the different concepts:


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