RAVEN Concept Design 3 – The Bad Guys!

Time for more *swoooosh!* *pewpew!* *kabaaam!*


That’s right, there’s no point having a ship for the heroes unless there is some badass alien chasing them around the cosmos in his own badass spaceship with *pewpew!* In our story, too, the Mazinkert finds itself under attack by mysterious aliens who board and commandeer it, forcing our heroes into hiding while they plot their escape!


The rules? Our mysteryship will have very little real screentime — mostly glanced at as a shadow in the distance, or a fleeting shape in the corner of the frame, and we are left guessing for the longest time: is it one ship? Is it two? Is it three? How big is it? It seems to change shape from each angle. And when it attacks, it latches onto the Mazinkert like a giant wasp while its crew storms the heroes’ ship, draining its power and adjusting its atmosphere to suit their own needs. Their atmosphere is poisonous to us, and so the refugees on the Mazinkert are forced deep into the bowels of the ship, cornered and helpless.


While it didn’t undergo the same indecisive convulsions as the Mazinkert, the ‘mysteryship’ did go through several stages of exploration, from the conventional to the downright strange. The following pictures show some of the stages in the journey it took…








And again, stay tuned for the finalists!


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