Concept Design – Zombie Roadkill

The Zombie Cyclops Caribou gets another pass; the director managed to get an interview with the author of the poem/short story the film is based on. So now I have some more detail on the author’s vision to work on!


One thing the author mentioned was that the caribou has only one glowing, cyclops eye in the middle of its head, and its antlers sprout from where its eyes SHOULD be:


After scanning the sketch, I laid over a speed-painting to add some color. Red = Spawn Caribou?


Monochrome = Werewolf Caribou?


Brianne mentioned the creature being a giant, ancient stag; I did some research (read: Google) on cave paintings and did some quick studies on the images I found:


And the resulting in-caribou-rnation:


Any favorites?


Also, a big congratulations is due the director of this project for the success of her recent film, Trolls ( ), which just won a Leo award!


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