This May or May Not be the Mazinkert

For a story about a boy and his monster:


The hero ship, the Mazinkert, has been giving me some grief for a while now; maybe because I want it to be super awesome and everything I ever dreamed of — like when you design your own house, and it has a moat and a dungeon and the living room doubles as a football field, but then you realize that the real estate agent just sold you twenty four acres in the middle of Hudson’s Bay…


Anyways, this is probably the final design of the Mazinkert.


Below is a rough cross-section of the ship, showing the main stardrive core, the landing section (theĀ separationĀ in the hull marked in green), the arrangement of the command deck and top decks, service elevator, etc.


View from ‘below’ the ship, looking up at the landing section (above), showing the point of separation from the main portion of the hull (below – the stardrive section):


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