RAVEN – ‘Breech Point’ Concept Art

For a story about a Boy and his Monster:


The grappling hook already described HERE has been getting some more in-depth treatment as a set piece, for a scene where the Boy sneaks aboard the mysterious alien ship…


But first, a quick recap:
The Grappling Hook is fired by the alien ship (top left) at a target vessel.


The Grappling Hook, nested in the alien ship:


And now, where the grappling hook enters into the story:


After becoming lost in the ship after the initial attack, the Boy finds himself at the ‘breech point’ where the alien ship’s grappling hook broke though the Mazinkert’s hull and the invaders boarded. Finding this point of entry strangely deserted, he passes through the umbilical line and wanders onto the alien ship:


Another view. The hook tears through the fabric of the ship until it finds purchase on the outer bulkheads, causing immense damage to the area. Air is still rushing out into space in the cracks around the point of entry, and looking through the hollow ‘core’ of the hook, you can see the umbilical line which leads to the alien ship.


The Boy cautiously traverses the umbilical line. The walls of the tunnel are translucent, allowing us to faintly see the outlines of the Mazinkert and the alien ship.




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