RAVEN – Samson Character Concepts

For a story about a Boy and his Monster…


The monster!


The character of Samson (named after his size and long dreads) was one of the first elements I began working on, and while I’ve had a very solid concept of who he is since square one, his design has gone through a great deal of refinement and backtracking as I try to nail down just how it is that he walks and moves and emotes.


Some early gesture drawings of Samson:




And a quick walk-cycle I did, to test just how this hulking – yet surprisingly lithe – alien is supposed to move.




Samson is the Queequeg to the Boy’s Ishmael; Stoic, imperturbable, with an off-kilter grasp of the english language, Samson has an agenda of its own, yet somehow inadvertently takes the Boy under it’s wing. Together, they traverse the deserted hulk of the Mazinkert in search of a means of escape.






Delving beneath the thick, flowing cloak, we see a hint of what Samson’s true form may be, in this study of arms and legs:




I went back one day and watched “Spirited Away” again, and was inspired by the character of No-Face: by how much character was achieved with such a simply-drawn figure. This began to seep into my drawings of Samson, and after many iterations of the character, I finally think this may be the closest I have come to how I envisioned Samson.




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