Sketches – A short trip to Seoul

Leaving Jeju for a short Holiday…


The plane rose above the low clouds which hung over Jeju that morning, and we were treated to a glorious view of Hallasan’s peak emerging from the heavy mist like a crown.




While wandering around downtown Seoul, I picked up this beautiful book called 을지로순환선, and it inspired me to try this:



My time in Seoul was dominated by a TaLK ‘going away’ party of sorts — most of which was spent listening to government officials give speeches. Which meant I had lots of time to let my mind wander and draw the backs of people’s heads 😛

(제 한국어에 실수가 많아서 죄송합니다 … 🙁 )




I can only handle Seoul in small doses. Otherwise, I start doing this:




By the end of the trip, brain was really starting to feel the effects of the city:




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