The Great Korean Sketchbook Dump, PART 5

It’s the GREAT KOREAN SKETCHBOOK DUMP, now with ten percent more kimchi!


(Above: Kathy, at the royal palaces in Seoul)

Top: Samantha Ronson. Bottom:
해녀(woman free-diver) on Jeju Island, from an article in the Jeju Weekly.

This sketch was based on a magazine article about the exploitation of immigrant factory workers in Southwestern Korea. 


The article this sketch was drawn from explored the long-fought struggle for recognition which immigrant workers from Southeast Asia experience every day. Read this interview with Mahbub Alam – a Bangladeshi man in Korea who recently starred in a highly controversial film about mixed-race relationships.
Drawing of a man taking a photo … should I be making an Inception joke? …


One of the last sketches I made in Jeju. Sitting in my coffee shop in Hamdeok:


And so ends the saga of the GREAT KOREAN SKETCHBOOK DUMP! But stay tuned, because I have an exciting new project that I want you all to be a part of. It’s called: “S.O.S.” … please feel free to speculate what that acronym stands for. I guarantee you cannot come up with anything as epic as MY answer…. 😉

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