Film is Dead. Long live Film!

I love the vitality, the texture and sense of time and place that film gives you … even using a panoramic 35mm point-and-shoot found in a garage sale for $2! Digital is an electronic approximation, corruptible, intangible. Film is chemical. Film is analogue. Film is real. Long live film.


I just took one of my cameras in to get developed, and now have 6 months of Jeju memories sitting on my desk. I love the feeling of getting your prints back, not knowing exactly what you’ll have. It’s like opening a time capsule, finding images you had forgotten you’d taken; memories you’d forgotten you had; places you’d forgotten you’d been.


‘Why, hello there.’

Jeju Selfie

Looking toward Tapdong, Jeju City

Tapdong Halla Sunset

Climbing up 성산일출봉 (Sunrise Peak)
Seongsan Rock Pillar

My hometown for 6 months, 성산 (Seongsan).

Seongsan Coast

Abandoned house in 성산.

Seongsan Abandoned Building

성산 일출봉 (Castle Mountain, Sunrise Peak), from the beach near 섭지코지 Resort.
Seongsan Beach

서귀포 (Seogwipo) skyline, looking over the main rotary.
Seogwipo Rotary


Seogwipo Street Rain

Coastline, from 성산 (Castle Mountain)

Seongsan Coast Vertical

Foggy-ish 함덕 (Hamdeok) on the seawall.
Hamdeok Seawall

Taking the cross-island highway on a foggy day (near 비자림)
Jeju Highway Fog

Sunset over a graveyard on 우도 (‘Cow Island’), off the east coast of Jeju.
Jeju Tombstone Sunset

Rainy day on the seawall – 함덕 (Hamdeok)

Hamdeok Seawall Rain

Summer afternoon over 서귀포 harbour.

Seogwipo Harbour

Snorkelers diving in a giant tidepool, near 외돌개 (oedolgae). Diving down to the bottom you can see, among other things, pufferfish and little black-and-yellow fish that start nibbling on you if you stay in one spot for too long 😛


Ocean view from my apartment in 함덕 (Hamdeok). It was typhoon season, and you can see the sheet of rain approaching on the horizon:

Hamdeok Coast Road

Looking out over Seogwipo Harbour (from the other side):

Seogwipo Harbour Road

Taking off from Jeju Airport, looking over at Halla Mountain:

Halla from the air

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