What’s Up?

Not that anyone asked, but Imma tell you anyways! This is what I’m working this month (In case next time you see me and are wondering why I look so pale and bloodshot):
Concept Art for Uranium – I’ve been working with director Brianne Nord-Stewart for some time now, developing concept art for her upcoming film “The Uranium Leaking from Port Radium and Ray Rock Mines is Killing Us”, based on the short story by Richard Van Camp. As the project slowly shifts gear into production, the artwork I’m doing has become much more detailed and refined. The current (in development) poster image for the film is above in the header.
VFX for Forgettable – Back in the fall, I developed the complete storyboards for the short film Mister Forgettable.
That project is now nearing the end of post-production, and is in need of some digital touchups — mostly just a bit of background replacement, and a couple of insert shots of a digital clock-tower.

This is a pretty cut-and-paste project, except for that — for the first time ever — I’m handling Red Camera footage, compositing into a much deeper color space than I have before, and outputting a 2k result. It’s a whole new workflow, and it’s both exciting and frustrating.
VFX for Hotbox – This is really exciting. This whole short film is being shot in stereo. And it has explosions. 3d explosions. And I’m making the explosions. IN STEREO. If I had a list of all the things that constituted a dream project for me, these two items would be at the top of it.
This is an early fluid test I did last weekend. I really like the way the tendrils of smoke curl around, thick and black like a tire-fire:
The challenge with this shot is that it begins in slow-motion, then suddenly jumps up to normal speed when the blast front reaches the character.  I could just overcrank the render in Maya (you can set Maya’s render settings to render increments shorter than one frame) … but I wanted to have more behavioral control over the way the smoke moves in slow-motion, playing with the dynamics to get something more menacing and looming.
Planning for Raven – For THIS project, I’ve spent the last month or so collecting all of the sketches and reference imagery I’ve done over the last couple years, in order to begin laying out a game plan for this thing and get some momentum on it. Also, working on a new script, thanks to the very valuable feedback I got on the story from the Jeju Writer’s workshop last year.
Planning for Harubang – I really (REALLY) want to do an animated project about Jeju Island. I’ve spent the last year and a half writing, drawing, collecting stories and photographs, building up a rather respectable library of Korean (and English)-language books about Jeju’s history, mythology and language. But trying to boil down all of the things that Jeju means to me into one package is impossible! I mean, LOOK AT THIS PLACE!
Finishing up Solace – Just two shots left to iron out. It’s been a long, drawn-out process, but has given me some of the best shots I’ve ever walked out of a project with. Like these ones.
Cool! This might be a good time to think about updating my demo reel…

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