Knowledge Thank-You Campaign 2014

Every couple years, Knowledge Network runs a major ‘Thank You’ campaign on-air and online, expressing gratitude to the audience donors who make our work possible. This year the concept of the campaign was to put a human face on the company, featuring Knowledge staff personally offering messages of thanks to the donors.

The challenge: my coworkers are infamously camera-shy. Shy to the point that one wonders if they don’t have large bounties on their heads in foreign countries. Secret second families. In witness protection, maybe. The goal was to make people as comfortable as possible on camera, and my role as compositor was to make them look their absolute best in post-production.
The director wanted to shoot people in their work environment, but the idea of wrangling lights, tele-prompters, sound and camera equipment around to everyone’s offices would be a logistical nightmare. Instead, staff members were shot against greenscreen in a studio, and background plates were captured later during a quick tour around the building.
Footage was shot in 6K on a RED Epic Dragon, and a 6K pipeline was maintained throughout the compositing process. A subtle ‘halo’ blur was placed around subjects to blend them more naturally to the backgrounds and draw focus to people’s eyes. Extensive colour-correction and digital beautifying techniques were used to make sure everyone looked absolutely fabulous in the final spot.
Incidentally, I met the most excellent Dan Dumouchel on this project, and later worked with him on Ally Was Screaming.
The finished promos were featured on-air and online at

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