The Lost Scotty Images

This summer I created an animated scottish terrier for a promotional campaign at Knowledge. ‘Scotty’ in his final form turned out to be immensely popular, but not every idea I developed was met with approval. Here are some of the concepts which were rejected (god knows why):

I think I drew this while reading Tintin in Tibet 🙂
Oddly enough, nobody else at my office got this. I feel ashamed.
Neil Oliver is one of the mainstays of our channel. He hosts some fantastic culture & history series’ about Scotland and the British Isles, and the ladies love him. On Knowledge Network, Neil Oliver IS Scotland. This drawing was done as a tribute, but alas, it didn’t make the final cut!
Scotty … scotch… what’s not to like?!?!
Long live Scotty! Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to bring him back in the future, after the contest has wrapped.

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