K-Magazine Breakdown

In order to create an on-air promo for a magazine which could be updated easily with each new bi-monthly issue, I shot a practical prop magazine and replaced the pages digitally.

Background plates were shot hand-held using a digital still camera. In addition achieving a stylistic result (of a stop-motion animation), this choice had the additional benefits: a) shooting stills gave me much larger plates (4K-ish) to work with, and b) at only 6fps, I only had to do 1/5 of the tracking work!
A breakdown of the process:
To start off with, the magazine prop was shot with tracking markers and grids for reference.
Later, the digital magazine pages were superimposed on the footage. Foreground elements, such as hands and shadows, were roto’d out and applied as a separate layer above everything else:
An animated warp mesh was applied to the pages and matched by hand, frame-by-frame, to the tracking markers:
The result was a virtual magazine page that matched the practical prop exactly:
Then the replacement page was colour-corrected to match the original. The white stickers underneath the tracking markers allowed me to sample whites from across the page and match the original footage perfectly:
And the final shot went through one last colour correction:
And the final result looked a little something like this.

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