You Are Not Alone

Artless Collective collaborated with some big names in the NWT to create this music video for the Department of Health and Social Services. It’s a great message, and it’s also full of… (drum roll)… VISUAL EFFECTS!

(Well… a goodly amount of compositing, anyways.)
After the edit was locked down, many of the written messages in the video needed to be replaced or swapped around. I was hired to track and replace a full fourteen of the shots — I challenge you to point out which ones!
The task was pretty straight-forward, with most of the shots locked-down and overcranked. But they were also all shot outdoors with no tracking markers, under conditions that resulted in heavy shadows that needed to be painted out and replaced, variable exposure levels that had to be compensated for shot-to-shot (for example, to tailor edge bleed on text to mimic the halo effect of the original black text on overexposed white paper), and even a couple shots where the paper placards were heavily buffeted by wind and had to be tracked by hand.

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