IIDENT – Characters

Earlier this year, Vancouver director Melanie Jones brought me on-board her team to help pitch a sci-fi film project for the Telus-funded Storyhive competition. The project, called IIDENT, needed some concept art developed to help illustrate the pitch.

In addition to developing a look for the futuristic environments of the film, I was also tasked with illustrating and clothing some of the characters.
The look of the costumes – and in fact much of the ground-level aesthetic of the film – draws heavily from the post-apocalyptic cyberpunk worlds of The Matrix and Johnny Mnemonic. The first step was to pull together inspiration from the far reaches of the internet, including Melanie’s own Tumblr moodboard for the project.
The hero of the story – a street urchin named Beta:
Near the beginning of the story, Beta stumbles upon Agatha, an orphan from the poor levels of the city, and takes her under her wing.
Together, they have to escape the city and return Agatha to her family.
Read more about how the world of IIDENT was fleshed out with my concept work on the enormous Bismuth City, and check out the final approved artwork for the project here.

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