Daily Sketches

In 2017, I made a resolution to create and publish a sketch on Instagram every day. The new year dawned with a yearning to be more creatively nimble: for a number of years I’ve been juggling a full-time job with a steady flow of freelance work. I was so accustomed to plowing away at large, drawn-out projects, it was getting difficult to be creatively spontaneous. I missed the days when I could get lost in a small weekend project, or get lost down a rabbithole of doodles.
And it worked! Here are a year’s worth of daily sketches:

Any favourites? The daily drawings happily meandered from subject to subject over the year, and at the end I found myself really surprised by the range of sketches I did. What started as quick daily doodles became an art journal – a place to experiment and try new things. A few of my favourite illustrations from the year (all of them sci-fi related, obviously!):
Daily Spaceship Sketches
The Smuggler’s Cave
Space Cadet!

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