Switchblade Starfighter

A very long time ago, I had an idea about a starfighter that uses a ramming attack to puncture holes in larger spacecraft, popping open and closed like a switchblade when it strikes.
The idea came back to me recently when I was sketching a throwing star-shaped starfighter…

Pushing the design a bit further, what if instead of just the wings/blades flipping open, the entire fighter transforms when it attacks? In ‘conventional’ (Star Wars-style) space combat it looks like this:

… and then it folds up and accelerates to RAMMING SPEED, transforming into a manned missile capable of piercing right through a capital ship and out the other side!

The idea is that a temporary and very powerful energy shield protects the craft while it punches through the enemy target, but then the ‘Switchblade’ transforms back into a more conventional fighter while its shields recharge.
The Switchblade in flight mode and ramming mode:

Next step was to show of the Switchblade’s powers in action:



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