Author: Lucas

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13 Feb Burnaby Timelapse

The product of a couple idle mornings and evenings. I am desperately in need of an intervalometer for my camera; currently these shots are accomplished by hand — essentially standing my the camera and counting “One mississippi, two mississippi, three mississippi…” over and over and over (approx….

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15 Nov Best of Singapore and Taiwan

(Warning: This is an epic-long post.)   Today marks exactly one month before my little bro and I will be embarking on an epic return to Asialand.   First to Korea, to meet with the lovely Kathy Ma, fresh from her own whirlwind tour around Indonesia….

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07 Sep Photographs of Jeju

I kept a map on my wall in Jeju where I marked out all the territory I had covered on my motorcycle. The island is roughly 100 km end-to-end, and is crisscrossed by a few large, modern tourist highways and thousands of labyrinthine farm roads.  …