Some of my favourite photos from a recent trip to Iceland. It is a shockingly photogenic country, so I ended up taking many more photographs than I had any right to. It took a few months to organize all of the nearly four thousand photos and get them online – but better late than never!

We arrived in early April, at the very cusp of spring. There had been a a terrible snowstorm the week prior, but the weather cleared up beautifully by the time we touched down at Keflavik airport. The landscape literally sparkled as we drove into the capital city of Reykjavik.
Highway to Reykjavik
The rugged, windswept town of Vík, on the southernmost tip of the island.
Vik, on the south coast of Iceland
Skeiðará Bridge Monument: These twisted girders are all that remains of a bridge that was wiped out by a massive flood in 1996.
Monument to a flood-wrecked bridge

Glacier hike.
Glacier Hike

The path to Svartifoss.
Hiking to Svartifoss

Svartifoss Panorama

We got one really good clear night during the trip, and I took my first picture of an aurora!

Mosses and lichens.
Moss Landscape

Glacier Lagoon.
Glacier Lagoon

As Icelanders flock to the capital city of Reykjavik, the countryside is spotted more and more with abandoned farm houses.
Abandoned Homestead

Many of these abandoned houses have become gigantic grafitti canvasses.
Abandoned House

Evening sky in Egilsstaðir.
Iceland Sunset

A bridge in the barren lava fields of north-eastern Iceland.

Tourists dash through thick clouds of steam that pour out from the ground at the Hverir geothermal fields, near Lake Myvatn.
Steam Pots

Non-stop rain and wind can put a wet blanked on even the most exciting vistas.
Rainy Day

Akureyrei, the second-largest city in Iceland.

Akureyrarkirkja church in Akureyrei.
Akureyrei Church

Something something mountains out of molehills.


East coast of Iceland.
Iceland East Coast

Stykkishólmur village.

Lava fields.
Lava Fields

View of Kirkjufell from the less-famous angle … not quite as impressive.

The whole country is leaking like a sieve.
Waterfalls Everywhere

Touring the Snæfellsnes Peninsula, the long western arm of Iceland.
Touring the Peninsula

A house in the cliffs.
Cliff House

Departing from Landeyjahöfn on the ferry to the Westman Islands.

Heimaey, the largest (and only populated) island in the Westman archipelago, is famous for Puffin spotting. Everything is puffin-branded.
Westman Islands Signpost

In 1973, Eldfell volcano suddenly erupted, nearly destroying Heimaey and forcing the evacuation of the Westman Islands. Forty years later, the site of the eruption is still a barren, hellish moonscape.

Þingvellir, an enormous rift valley northeast of Reykjavik, the site of Iceland’s historic parliament and the official boundary between the North American and European continental plates.

Near Grindavik.

The excellent Café Bryggjan, in Grindavik.
Café Bryggjan, in Grindavik


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