BBC Kids Canada

Animated Doodles



2d Animation, Animation

When I began working at Knowledge Network in July 2011, the company had just acquired stewardship of the BBC Kids Canada brand and effected a massive re-branding and relaunch. Much of my work for the company since has focused on the expansion and enrichment of BBC Kids as it grows into its new home.
In 2012 I initiated a push to enrich the BBC Kids Canada brand through the creation of a library of animated characters, based on ‘doodles’ that live in the background of the brand world. The brand already had a strong visual impact online and in print, but the situation on-air was a bit more sparce. Promo editors found they had very few moving assets at their disposal; they often had to intercut scenes from high-energy childrens’ series with bland, unmoving brand graphics. The channel’s limited colour palette also demanded extra emphasis on motion for visual appeal.
Most of the work was done during slow periods and in my own time, and I often enlisted the children of co-workers to help inspire new characters and animations. The editors loved the new animated doodles and made good use of them, and some of them even found their way onto the BBC Kids website as easter eggs.
I also used the animated doodles to create accordion IDs for the channel, including the samples here.