Visual Effects



Michael Proudfoot


After Effects / Photoshop



Compositing, VFX

A quick VFX shot for a short horror film. The character’s bike lock has a bomb in it which is triggered when he unlocks the bike. My job was to blow him up in the messiest, most shocking way possible.
First, I had to perform a day-for-night conversion, replacing the sky and painting out incongruous elements on the plate such as hotspots and reflections from windows onto the alley walls.
The detonation itself is composed of practical pyro elements, which also serve to disguise the cut from the original plate to the ‘post-explosion’ plate. The flying body parts were created using lumpy particles in After Effects, combined with practical blood hits when the gore splats on the ground. Bits of debris are thrown out from the explosion, and the charred remains of the hapless cyclist continue smoking in front of a matte painting of blackened walls and bent railings for a full minute as the credits begin to roll.