Drop the Pop


After Effects / Illustrator / Premiere Pro



2d Animation, Animation, Art Direction

Yellowknife-based Artless Collective approached me to collaborate on a Mad-Max inspired PSA for Drop the Pop NWT, a program that encourages schools and communities in the arctic to stop drinking sugary beverages. I developed a visual style for the piece based on their script, and due to the tight production deadline chose to direct a team of other artists remotely to cover a large portion of the animation. Artless was able to enlist the likes of radio host William Greenland to record narration, and I pulled together the music and SFX.
The video was also published in French, with on-screen text graphics updated for francophone audiences.
My team of animators included the impressive talents of:
Ewan Green
Lisa Wilson
Samantha Wiesel
Prajay Mehta
Stephanie Blakely
Stephanie Durán-Castillo
More on the Making of Drop the Pop here.