Visual Effects

Drowning in You


Brianne Nord-Stewart


Maya / Nuke / Boujou / Mudbox / Photoshop / After Effects



Compositing, VFX

Director Brianne Nord-Stewart shot a music video for singer Jayne Avaunt’s ‘Drowning in You’, and needed a little bit of digital magic done.


Towards the end of the video, the singer stretches her shoulders, revealing slits in her back that open into gills.


The gills were built in Mudbox and animated to open, close and breathe in Maya. The camera move was tracked in Boujou, but unfortunately the crew had been unable to apply tracking markers to the actress due to a tight shooting schedule, so the CGI gill appliance had to be tracked by hand onto her bare shoulders. The entire project was composited directly with raw Red footage in After Effects and Nuke.