Tracking & Compositing

K-Magazine Promo


After Effects



Compositing, Motion Design

I produced and directed this recurring promo for Knowledge Network, featuring its bimonthly program guide.
Six times a year, Knowledge Television publishes another edition of the K Magazine, promoting the upcoming television schedule and providing previews and special information about the channel and the events it hosts. My brief was to design an on-air promo which would coincide with each new issue of the magazine.
The key to my approach was modularity; the piece needed to be updated every two months with minimal turnaround and no need to reshoot. To accomplish this, the magazine prop used on set was covered in tracking markers, and the open pages were later tracked and swapped for digital replacements. Every two months, one simply has to plug the new magazine pages into the project, and the the promo is automatically updated.
I’ve also written a short breakdown of the process on my blog.