Concept Design

Redemption Fleet


Personal Project



Concept Design, Illustration

These drawings grew out of a personal challenge: to design a unique and original sci-fi space armada. Each design represents a different class and age of vessel, but all are unified by aesthetic rules which speak to their common lineage.
The project was named after the H.S. Redemption, the initial design which inspired the others. The Redemption is an aged-out battleship many years beyond its prime but still chugging along, inspired by the HMS Prince of Wales and modelled after a white-out dispenser (yep, that’s right).
Her smaller, more armoured sister ship is the H.S. Fell Hammer, inspired by the A-10 Warthog, the most badass fighter plane of all time. The largest vessel in the fleet is the H.S. Surge, a carrier vessel so vast it takes hours to maneuver. The Rapier is a blockade-breaker, designed with a narrow profile and a front-facing arsenal. And the personnel shuttle performs ship-to-shore transport.
I later developed several of these designs as 3d models: Redemption Fleet VFX