Wreaking Havoc



Andrew de Villiers


Point Blank Creative



Compositing, VFX

Riverdale was a small viral hit in 2010 – winner of the Canadian Comedy Award for best web clip. A mock movie trailer for a gritty, live-action reimagining of the famous Archie comics, it featured a climatic shot of the titular Riverdale High School being burned to the ground as Archie looked on in bewilderment.


For obvious reasons the production – which shot over a single weekend on a shoestring budget – couldn’t actually burn down a school. They shot a plate with the actor standing in front of the school with some interactive lighting, and I cleaned the plate, roto’d the actor in Mocha and performed a day-for-night conversion. I then bought every flammable item I could find at a nearby convenience store, and took them down to the beach at night to shoot practical pyro footage. Additional smoke and flames were filled in with stock footage and Maya fluid simulations.