Photoshop / After Effects / ToonBoom



2d Animation, Animation, Illustration

For a contest for a trip to Scotland hosted by Knowledge Network, I pitched and developed an animated Scottish Terrier character named (yes, you guessed it) ‘Scotty’. As the mascot for the contest, he would guide viewers through on-air promos and appear in print and online contest spaces.
In previous years, Knowledge has run travel contests around Europe, but the marketing for these contests has always been straight-laced. For the Scotland contest, there was a clear mandate to inject humour into the proceedings, and Scotty was the perfect vehicle for that.
The character of Scotty was refined in illustrations developed for spreads in K Magazine (Knowledge’s bi-monthly printed TV guide) months before the campaign launched. Meanwhile, editors were developing promos for the campaign, mindful of opportunities for Scotty to appear. I then storyboarded gags and shot ideas once the promos had been locked, and created final animations in ToonBoom and married them to the promos in After Effects.