Visual Effects

Space Suite


Nuke / Maya / After Effects / Photoshop / Celestia




Production was spearheaded by Two Story Productions, and I joined the team as a visual effects artist after creating a short reel to demonstrate my interest. Any visuals that they were unable to source directly came to me, including:
– Recreating the transit of Venus using data from the Solar Dynamics Observatory.
– Modeling the planets of the solar system, using astrophotography and survey data.
– Animating antique astronomical charts and paintings, and using 2d techniques to animate supernovae, nebulae and exotic landscapes.
In Canada, you can watch the entire series of 10 episodes for free at
UPDATE: Space Suite is back for a second season! 10 more beautiful short films free to watch on Knowledge Network. If you’re outside of Canada, you can still catch my favourite piece from season 2 here.