BC Lung: Stop Smoking


Jenn Strom



2d Animation, Animation, Illustration

Following on the success of the previous year’s Christmas Seals Campaign, Director Jenn Strom and I teamed up again to develop a pair of animated shorts for the BC Lung Association.
The pieces addressed the vital importance of quitting smoking before and after a major surgery. Designed to be shown in doctor’s offices and waiting rooms, they needed to speak humorously and non-judgmentally to viewers who may be apprehensive about surgery.
Under Jenn’s direction I designed the characters, developed a visual style for the pieces, and laid out storyboards. Jenn created the animated typography, while I handled most of the character animation. Additional animation was provided by John Oman, and by Jen Seah, who animated the ‘smoker bone’ and ‘healthy bone’ characters.
Video #1 tackles surgery, and how smoking cessation can speed up recovery times and minimize complications.
Video #2 features a friendly skeleton ‘Dr. Bones’, who explains the effect that smoking has on your bones.