Sveva Caetani

The new season of BC Was Awesome is out now, including an episode I worked on as an animator: an exploration of the life and career of Vernon artist Sveva Caetani, a real life Italian princess who spent half her life as a prisoner in her own home.
Sveva’s family moved to Canada in 1921 to escape the emerging fascist regime in Italy, and settled in small-town British Columbia. After the death of her father, her mother became a shut-in and prevented Sveva from leaving the house for nearly 25 years. When her mother died in 1960, Sveva was finally able to pursue a career as a teacher and artist, producing a series of incredible surrealist paintings titled ‘Recapitulation’.
The episode will be released soon on Youtube, but for now you can watch it here on Facebook.
I’ve worked on a few other episodes of BC Was Awesome; if you’re curious about the strange and wacky lesser-known nuggets of BC history, you should really check out this amazing show.

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