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Painting on the Trans-Mongolian – pt.2

After a week in Mongolia, we crossed northward into Siberia, where our first stop was on the shores of Lake Baikal, in the tiny, idyllic town of Utulik – a beautiful little village full of rustic, brightly-decorated homes.

After three days of borscht and banya we took a mini-bus to Irkutsk, where we caught the Trans-Siberian train westward into Europe. It was a long, three-day journey, but there was plenty to see…

The view from the train window slowly transformed as we passed from Asia and into Europe:

In Moscow, we visited the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics, a definite highlight of the trip. Why? Because SPACESHIPS.

The Kremlin was okay too, I guess:

After that, a few days in St. Petersburg, where we toured the Hermitage:

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