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Painting on the Trans Mongolian – pt.1
Last year I travelled to North Korea and, inspired by artists such as James Gurney and Guy Delisle, decided to try putting my camera down once in a while and pick up a sketchbook instead.

And it didn’t turn out half-bad! So this year, while riding from Beijing to St. Petersburg on the Trans-Mongolian railway, I brought a small sketchbook and a watercolour set and illustrated the journey:

We started off in Beijing:

From Beijing, we took a train up through northern China:

Eventually ending up over the Gobi Desert:

In Mongolia, we stayed in a Ger settlement with a family of nomads for a few days:

We also wandered around Ulaan Baatar:

And went to ALL the dinosaur museums! Mongolia has all the best dinosaurs.

Personal phrasebook: never leave home without it!

After a week in Mongolia, we hopped on the train again and travelled northward, into Russia and the Lake Baikal region of Siberia:

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