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Space Suite II
Back by popular demand, Space Suite has just launched its second season on Knowledge Network.

The first season took us to the very edges of our solar system, and now ten new shorts explore the infinite wonders of the universe, accompanied by classical pieces that include Tchaikovsky’s “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy”; Mozart’s Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major; and Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony Mvt One.

Vancouver-based Two Story Productions came back to produce. I was asked to create a few new shots, including this animation of the planets orbiting around the sun, used in Cosmic Ballet. In this shot, the scale has been compressed, but the relative orbital velocities are painstakingly accurate.

A number of shots I developed for the first season of Space Suite were featured again, including a few shots that had been left on the cutting-room floor the first time around.

One of my favourite tasks this season was creating artwork for a short called “Storybook in the Sky“, for which I had to illustrate a number of constellations from all around the world.

The illustrations were then animated to show how different peoples on Earth have different names for the constellations:

In between seasons of Space Suite, I was asked to give a presentation about my process for turning real space photography into simple, yet convincing 3d scenes. I ended up creating a short explainer video to accompany the presentation:

Generally, programming on Knowledge is available for Canadian audiences only. But, an early demo reel I made for Space Suite got so much attention both at home and abroad (and even further abroad!), that a decision was made this time around to make more episodes available worldwide.

In Canada, you can watch all of Space Suite for free online at Knowledge Network.

Space Suite will also be screening every Thursday for the rest of the summer at Science World in Vancouver.

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