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A Night of Wikipedilove

If you happen to be in Scotland this August for the Edinburg Fringe Festival, you should check out Noam Osband’s new show, A Night of Wikipedilove! I got a small taste of it while creating the show poster and other design work for the performance, and it’s pretty freakin’ great.

Noam brings a unique style of musical comedy to the stage that he describes as ‘David Attenborough meets Tim Minchin’. He’ll be performing alongside actor/musician Bianca Jaconetty in a show about ‘kinky whales, fascists, and other deeply romantic topics’.

I first got to see Noam perform in North Korea, when he whipped out his ukulele and sang ‘Rubber Ducky’ to a bar in Pyoseong. We’ve been working together ever since, on everything from his award-winning film ‘The Radical Jew’, to his adorably hilarious Youtube series ‘First Kiss Confessions’.

He’s an actual living renaissance man who has decided to use his genius for the good of humanity. He has a PhD in anthropology and was a one-time Jeopardy champion. When he’s not making amazing documentaries or winning game shows, he spends his apparently unlimited energy doing standup comedy.

Get tickets to Noam’s Fringe show here, and check him out on Youtube.

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