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Space Suite Rebrand
Upgrading the Universe
I had a blast co-directing the latest seasons of Space Suite with Catherine De Paula and producers Eric Hogan and Tara Hungerford, and working to elevate the visual language  of the series.

But my favourite part of working on the latest seasons of Space Suite was having the opportunity to rebrand the series, giving it a crisper, more cinematic look. A clean, minimalist typeface and a wordmark with vast negative space allows the beautiful space imagery plenty of room to breathe.

I was inspired in part by the beautiful 80s minimalism of some of my favourite space books growing up, and played around with different title treatments…

… as well as variations for the individual seasons of the show…

… before settling on a simple and elegant workmark:

Outside of the titles, typography in the series is strong and clean, designed with an eye — for the first time in the run of the series — for web viewers and social media.

Check out Space Suite IV and Space Suite Apollo for more information about where you can watch the series.

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