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Space Suite: Apollo
Visual Effects

This special season of Space Suite was created back-to-back with Space Suite Season 4 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon landing.

I developed titles and text graphics for each of the 10 short documentary films, which follow the American space program from the launch of Sputnik to the end of the Apollo 17. I also created visual effects for the title and credit sequences, although unlike Space Suite IV, I tried to place an emphasis on restoring and stabilizing actual Apollo footage, rather than creating all the space scenes whole-cloth.

In total, about a dozen all-VFX shots were created for the season:


Motion Graphics



In addition to creating VFX for the series, I also edited the episode “Apollo 11: Touchdown on the Moon.”

If you’re in British Columbia, you can watch the entire series online for free at

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