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Astrid & Lilly Save the World

The SyFy series Astrid and Lilly Save the World follows the adventures of a pair of high school outcasts who have to defend their town from monsters when they accidentally open a portal to another dimension.

I had a couple of roles on this show, including designing the opening titles. But more importantly, I had the pleasure of working with the various directors to storyboard key sequences in each episode — namely the VFX-heavy monster reveals.


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Storyboard Artist



Episode 2 - Teeth

A monster attacks bullies at school. Will Astrid and Lilly decide to join her or defeat her?

For the second episode, I worked with director Jill Carter to plan out the scene where guest star Sheila McCarthy reveals her true form as a ravenous razor-toothed monster.

A primary concern for the scene was planning the practical aspects of the monster’s transformation — for the actress’ comfort, we cut back and forth between simple makeup and body doubles with prosthetic appliances and full-scale creature puppets.

Episode 3 - Amygdala

A monster manifesting everyone’s worst fear terrorizes Pine Academy, including Astrid and Lilly.

In this episode, Astrid and Lilly face down a hulking beast that strikes his victims with the evil powers of dodgeball. Director J Stevens was planning an elaborate cat-and-mouse chase through the school gymnasium and locker rooms, and needed to block out the sequence with precision to ensure it could be executed within the tight production schedule.

Episode 8 - Hair

Lilly has detention and has to deal with a nightmare monster, but is fighting with Astrid even scarier?

I worked with director Danishka Esterhazy on the climactic scene in episode 8 when Astrid and Lilly have to free themselves from the spider-like villain’s clutches and take a stand to save their captured classmates.

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