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Synthesis Pitch Deck
Concept Art

A starship of scientists, diplomats, and thieves capers across humanity’s far-flung settlements and their clashing utopian ideals. Undeterred space-age optimism collides with diversity, realism, and nuance as our crew puts out fires and sparks new ones.

And so we are introduced to the world of Synthesis, a sci-fi TV series being developed by Trembling Void Studios in Vancouver.

As a concept artist attached to the project early in development, I was tasked with creating key art for a series pitch bible, a 20-page document used to help sell the idea of the project to potential partners.


Concept Artist



Illustrations included several full-page spreads, as well as over a dozen smaller images illustrating each of the episodes in the first season.

As this was very early in the development of the series, many of the illustrations were meant to be evocative rather than descriptive in nature.

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