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Synthesis Trailer
Congratulations to Ingo Lou, Amy Fox and the rest of the team at Trembling Void Studios on the launch of their concept trailer for Synthesis!
My introduction to Synthesis — and to Ingo and Amy — was back in 2018. Their pitch was for a diverse, optimistic star-spanning adventure, and it had plenty of things to fire up the imagination: starships, alien planets, robots, evil corporations, wormholes — the works. I would sit in the writer’s room and draw up designs while the writers hashed out finer story points. These meetings produced hundreds of sketches and dozens of designs that made their way into the trailer, including the javelin-like hero ship, the Starling.
Just like the heroes of Synthesis, the Trembling Void team is scrappy, underfunded, and determined to make the world a better place. This has been an enormous passion of theirs for nearly a decade, and today it is one step closer to reality.

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