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Bot Prox
Digital Blood & Gore

Bot Prox began its life as an entry in the 2019 Run ‘n Gun 48 Hour Filmmaking Competition in Vancouver.¬†

This short horror comedy follows a group of out-of-work technophobes who take to an underground rage room for a chance to take out their grievances on a sentient robot, only for their own inhumanity to turn against them.

Director Brianne Nord-Stewart, who I previously worked with on the horror short The Provider, invited me onto the team to handle the digital gore effects, as well as to design the titles & credits.


Visual Effects Supervisor



The filming involved number of effects shots which needed ‘sweetening’ to enhance the blood and gore, and one hero shot of a rather messy beheading.

After the competition, we had an opportunity to do a second pass at the visual effects, and the remastered short film has now begun making the festival rounds!

Bot Prox on IMDB.

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