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Painting Jeju Island's enigmatic Sanbang Mountain.

While researching the events and locations in my animated film I spent a couple weeks traveling around Jeju Island on a motorcycle. Chief among my list of places to see was the enormous rock dome on the sunny southern coast Sanbang Mountain.

Jeju is known throughout northeast Asia as an island of fantastic natural landscapes, but Sanbangsan in particular is a spectacular sight, and it plays a key role in the mythology of the island. A key scene in my film centres around the legend of it’s origin.

I took some time to sketch the mountain…

But it’s difficult to capture on paper just how incredibly majestic Sanbangsan is…

Especially up close.

And nothing I saw during my trip compares to this gorgeous photograph by Kang Jang Tak (강장탁). I tried to track down the photographer, but this is the only place I can find their work):

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