A Short Trip to North Korea

Back in March, I went to North Korea for a week and a bit. The trip started out with a visit to Kaesong City, former capital of Korea (from waaaaay back in the day), which currently sits right on the North/South Border:

Morning streets in Kaesong City:

A local museum guide in Kaesong:

A North Korean border guard, at Panmunjom:

Sitting in on an English lecture at the Grand People’s Study Hall in Pyongyang:

View from the train:

A student at a gifted school near Pyongsung shows off his English skills:

The Pyongyang Metro:

A view from the Pyongyang Film Studios backlot. In the foreground, a film set for a traditional-style Korean village; in the background, the (in)famous Ryugyong Hotel:

The trip included a visit the live set of a propaganda film being shot in Pyongyang Film Studios:

Pyongyang Railway Station:

Trading drawings with a sketch artist in Sinuiju, near the Chinese border:

With a very fashionable local guide in Sinuiju:

Sitting in on a kindergarten class in Sinuiju:

From the riverbank, you can clearly see Dandong, Sinuiju’s bright, modern twin on the Chinese side of the Yalu River:

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